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ATHLETE BAR TESTIMONIAL – ECZEMA I have suffered with atopic eczema most of my life. I’ve even had to take drugs like Ciclosporin which are anti rejection drugs also used by people who have had organ transplants. Eventually the Ciclosporin stopped being effective and I stopped taking it. After stopping the Ciclosporin, I had a massive flare up and was bad for over 12 months but eventually managed to get it under control again. 18months ago I started to get folliculitis in addition to my eczema and was in a real mess. My doctor prescribed antibiotics which cleared the folliculitis, but as soon as I stopped taking the courses it kept coming back. In addition to the antibiotics I was also using bath based medicines such as oilatum and balnium for my eczema. I found that the more I used the bath oils the dryer my skin became. 6 months ago decided to look for an alternative to the bath oils. And was looking for something with antiseptic properties. I came across your Athlete soap bar. I have found it beneficial in several ways. Firstly it has prevented my folliculitis reoccurring and I have been clear of it since I started using the soap. Secondly. It seems to have made a big difference to my eczema and skin condition. I am no longer dry and itchy. My skin now actually repels water. Before when I was dry an covered it eczema, water use to spread on its surface. To use an analogy it was like car body paint that’s Un waxed. The water doesn’t bead it just kinda spreads. Now however, my skin is more like a waxed car and the water just runs off it. For the first time in many years I am at the stage where I could safely say I could ware shorts and a t-shirt without feeling self conscious. I find that the Athlete Bar soap is very soothing. I am showering with it every day and tend to get through a whole bar about once a week. My regime is this. Shower once a day normally at night before bed, or after strenuous exercise using Athlete bar soap. Go to bed with clean bed cloths every other day. Use clean bedding once a week. Make sure the shower is not too hot! Hot water seems to strip the natural oils from my skin. Please note. Doctors do not recommend using soap if you have dry skin or eczema. As soap is normally to harsh. For me however, and I appreciate everyone is different. Using Athlete bar is somehow different and this is not the case. I would highly recommend Athlete bar to anyone with skin the same as mine. use it on a small part of your body, say on an arm give it a week if it works, use it all over. If your skin gets worse and doesn’t improve over a few days stop using it and try something else. Steve Pritchard

Idee Pure review – InstagramGot my delivery from @ideepure awesome stuff👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #100%vegan #crueltyfree it cleans so deep it’s cleaned my soul 😜😜 #clearconscience #liberation #compassion #plantbased #bjj #veganathlete #nocompromise #untileverycageisempty #charcoal #warrior #athlete 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


BEARD OIL REVIEW – INSTAGRAM I have a massive collection of beard oils but this takes top spot always @tricardostreet

WARRIOR SOAP REVIEW – INSTAGRAM These Pure Athlete bars are bang on! Just tried the warrior soap with fiery ginger and citrus! Never tried anything like it before! @proteinfusion

ATHLETE BAR REVIEW – INSTAGRAM That’s the @ideepure bars restocked in my bathroom. I love these bars, and the personal touch of a handwritten note with my package! Thanks a lot guys! 🙂 @bengibbs1

Pure beard oil review – Instagram tried this out twice this weekend. Smells great, leaves a shine and softness to your beard. Will defiantly use this again! #beardoil #skin #naturalmoisturiser #skincare #vegan #oils #repair #nourish #IdeePure #crueltyfree #allnatural #essentialoils


Idee Pure review – Instagram A bronze medal at purple masters 3 at the British Open and some lovely soap from the nice people @ideepure. #bjj #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #bjjlifestyle #britishopen #britishopenbjj #purplebelt


Idee Pure review – Instagram  Absolutely love my pure athlete and warrior soap!! Smells AMAZING! Massive thanks @ideepure #grapplenation #bjj #jits #supportwomensbjj #ideepure #grapple #gi #girlsingis #nogi #Regrann


IDEE PURE REVIEW – INSTAGRAM The service from @ideepure is always second to none, hats off to you #bjj @grantos1978

ATHLETE BAR REVIEW – TWITTER Feeling refreshed this morning after a cold shower using @ideepure ‘s Athlete Bar. Straight on the Tabatas now! @TJTheVagabond

IDEE PURE REVIEW – TWITTER our soaps have arrived!   @MJbennett12

CHARCOAL BAR – TWITTER All ready for after training tonight – smells amazing <3 @bjj_for_girls

IDEE PURE REVIEW – TWITTER great product for that post bjj shower @samtweed12

Warrior soap review – Instagram Soap game’s going up a notch… next level tings ☝
#ideepure #warrior #soap #bjj #jiujitsu #gi #nogi #blackbelt #Regrann


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